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Craigies Farm


Crop Report

Thursday 24th July

Strawberries are plentiful with lots of tasty fruit available for easy picking, especially in the side rows and at the foot of the tunnels.  A free tractor and trailer ride will be operating on a loop between the entrance and the best strawberry patch from 11am until 3pm today.

Raspberries are feeling the pressure and are struggling to keep up with demand!  The early bird will get the best rasps, as the day goes on the ripe fruit does get picked out.  Don't worry, the late crop will be producing fruit within the week and will crop until early September.

Gooseberries are plentiful and you can easily get both dessert and cooking berries.

Blackcurrants are plentiful, now would be a great time to get your freezer filled and the jam made.  Redcurrants are easily picked.

We are now getting good picks of cherries and have some ready picked in the shop for £10/kg, same price as M&S but ours are a lot fresher and taste fantastic, one punnet will not be enough!  Simon, the farm manager, he say yes to PYO cherries, there are lots to pick!  The price for PYO cherries is £8/kg.  Take care when you are picking because the trees are young and the branches are easily broken.  Simon will be patrolling with his 12 bore and dealing with anyone in an appropriate manor!!


If Craigie’s is about anything, it’s about the pleasure of enjoying good food.

So, we’re passionate about the taste of produce that’s really fresh because it’s as seasonal and local to our farm shop located to the west of Edinburgh.

That’s as true for what’s served in our farmhouse cafĂ© as what you’ll find on our shelves. Some comes direct from our farm, some from small suppliers and farmers a little further afield. Wherever it hails from, we think it’s important to know its origins.

And finally, in our cafe, we believe that good eating starts with the best ingredients, skillfully-prepared to make the very most of their freshness and big, bold flavours. Nothing too fancy: good, honest food, with a menu that changes with what’s freshest and in season.

The way we see it, the simple pleasures in life almost always turn out to be the best.


At Craigie’s, we believe in seasonality - eating things when they are in season.

We don’t see the sense in flying in fresh food from distant continents or after it’s been in cold store for months and months.

Fruit and veg in season is tastier and, more often than not, cheaper. Of course, you can buy strawberries all year round, but eat one in February and it simply won’t compare with June’s sweet, fresh crop.

Follow the seasons and you can look forward to different treats all year round!


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