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CROP NEWS - Sept 2015

Strawberries and raspberries are still in season now.  Check the chart on the right hand side for crop avaliablity, click on more info for prices.  The quality of them all is also very good and fab for jam making, freezing or just eating with some cream.  

We are currenlty open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm with the last entry to the fruit fields at 4pm.

Todays minimum spend on pick your own is £2 per person (payable on entry).




If Craigie’s is about anything, it’s about the pleasure of enjoying good food.

So, we’re passionate about the taste of produce that’s really fresh because it’s as seasonal and local to our farm shop located to the west of Edinburgh.

That’s as true for what’s served in our farmhouse café as what you’ll find on our shelves. Some comes direct from our farm, some from small suppliers and farmers a little further afield. Wherever it hails from, we think it’s important to know its origins.

And finally, in our cafe, we believe that good eating starts with the best ingredients, skillfully-prepared to make the very most of their freshness and big, bold flavours. Nothing too fancy: good, honest food, with a menu that changes with what’s freshest and in season.

The way we see it, the simple pleasures in life almost always turn out to be the best.


At Craigie’s, we believe in seasonality - eating things when they are in season.

We don’t see the sense in flying in fresh food from distant continents or after it’s been in cold store for months and months.

Fruit and veg in season is tastier and, more often than not, cheaper. Of course, you can buy strawberries all year round, but eat one in February and it simply won’t compare with June’s sweet, fresh crop.

Follow the seasons and you can look forward to different treats all year round!


Craigies Corner

  • Craigie's Farm Shop and CafeCraigie's Farm Shop and Cafe Tandoori Chicken Recipe Jazz up your Sunday roast dinners with this delicious recipe for a Tandoori roast chicken! Something a bit different to the traditional roast, the marinade can be as hot as you like (depending on the chilli powder you use) and is equally delicious served with rice or potatoes and veg! The question is, how hot will you go? Head to our website to view the recipe -
  • Craigie's Farm Shop and CafeCraigie's Farm Shop and Cafe Have you stocked up on your rhubarb yet? We have a fantastic offer on in the shop at the moment - our freshly picked rhubarb is reduced to £1.99/kg! And if this has given you a sudden craving for the ultimate favourite - rhubarb crumble - check out this recipe from James Martin. So simple but so tasty!
  • Craigie's Farm Shop and CafeCraigie's Farm Shop and Cafe The weather is meant to be a bit of a mix today but that's no problem if you're thinking about coming along for PYO - all of our strawberries and raspberries are under cover so they are ideal for picking come rain or shine! We hope you can pop along to pick some delicious fresh fruit!
  • Craigie's Farm Shop and CafeCraigie's Farm Shop and Cafe
  • Craigie's Farm Shop and CafeCraigie's Farm Shop and Cafe Here at Craigie's, our Product of the Week is our freshly baked bread, made each morning by our talented bread baker Ian! Ian provides a wide range of homemade breads which are all slowly fermented and rely solely on the fundamental building blocks of good traditional bread: Flour, water, yeast and salt. So come and have a taste because sometimes the simple things in life are always the best! And let's face it, you can't beat the comforting smell of freshly baked bread!

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