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Craigies Farm

Our Farm

Whilst our shop makes us a little different from the average farm, we’re still very much a working farm.

West Craigie is a 260 acre arable farm; this means that we have no livestock.

So, What Do We Grow?

As well as growing crops for you to pick, or to buy ready picked, we also grow crops such as:

Soft fruit – we grow a large range of soft fruits in tunnels and outdoors.

We use polytunnels to protect our crop and it also enables us to spread the season. (We also use bees to do the pollination - you can buy some delicious local honey in the shop.)

Vegetables – in the last few years, we’ve expanded the range of vegetables we grow. For example, beans, peas, cabbages, beetroot, squashes of all shapes and sizes and lots more.

Cereals – West Craigie is a good wheat farm, the main cereal that we grow. The wheat is sold to local mills for flour or animal feed. We keep a small amount of the straw for our strawberries; the rest is sold to a local stock farmer.  We also grow Spring Barley which is sold to make Whisky.

Potatoes –we used to grow our own potatoes, but due to the large investment needed for equipment, we now rent some land to a local farmer to grow his potatoes. He gets good ground and we get a great crop of wheat after it!

Fallow –We fallow some ground every year to rest the ground from intensive farming. Furthermore, it gives the birds good nesting sites, we can control weeds without relying on selective herbicides and it gives a good crop of wheat the following year.

To find out what’s in season click here

Like generations of farmers, part of daily work involves managing the countryside, such us planting hedges, creating beetle banks, sowing area of wild flower meadow etc.

Linking the environment and farming – LEAF.  We are members of this organisation and are working towards obtaining the LEAF marquee.  To find out more, visit

In short, we are committed to farming with nature whilst having a sustainable future.

On your next visit, why not take a stroll around the farm to see the work we do. Any questions about what is going on, just ask.

What's Going On

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    • Blackcurrants
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    • Peas
    • Raspberries
    • Strawberries
    • Sunflowers
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    Craigies Corner

    • Craigie's Farm Shop and CafeCraigie's Farm Shop and Cafe Have you seen our latest offer on whole chicken? How about getting one for your next BBQ and giving this recipe a go? Finishing the whole chicken on the BBQ is a delicious way to get the skin crispy and the chicken flavoured with that lovely smokiness and this recipe from Jamie Oliver is just awesome. Enjoy! Check out the recipe online:
    • Craigie's Farm Shop and CafeCraigie's Farm Shop and Cafe PICK YOUR OWN UPDATE - Tuesday 23rd August We have had another busy weekend so fruit will be harder to find for the next few of days, strawberries and raspberries are also getting near to the end of the season. Raspberries (Glen Ample), strawberries (Sonata), blackcurrants are plentiful (Ben Conan), gooseberries (Invicta) are nearing the end of the season and are hard to find, pea pods and sunflowers are just starting. We have had a bit of rain over the last few days so wellie boots are advisable. We operate a minimum spend of £2 per person (applies to walking age up) which is payable on entry to the PYO fields and can be redeemed against any fruit and veg picked but is not refundable. This crop report was as off 9am on the date above, it does not reflect how busy we may have been since, we have no control over customer numbers.
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