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Craigies Farm

Pick Your Own

We operate a min spend of £2 per person on PYO fruit, payable on entry, the balance is then collected when you leave the fields.

The Pick Of The Crop

Generations of kids and their parents have made a visit to West Craigie to pick their own fruit as part of their summer calendar.

Many, many loyal customers come back every year to pick their own fruit, to enjoy fresh, fill their freezers and make jam to use over the winter.

How does it work? It’s easy; we provide you with a basket and direct you to the best field. You pick your fruit, then weigh it and pay. Simple as that!

When’s the fruit in season? It depends on the weather, but generally PYO strawberries start at the end of June and go on into August. Raspberries start mid July till mid August. We also have gooseberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, Victoria plums, and big, beautiful sunflowers. See below for details (less fruit highlighted = less fruit, more highlighted = more fruit, no fruit highlighted = no fruit!).

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Why not plan to make a day of your visit? Do our Nature Detective Trail, have lunch in our café and then pick your own fruit

Picked too much fruit? Homemade jam is easy to make and tastes so much better than supermarket stuff! We’ll happily give you some tips on jam making! Or just freeze your fruit and use it through the winter.

Keep an eye on the fruit news page to keep up to date with what’s coming up and when it’s ready.

We reserve the right to weigh you after picking fruit!

Crop Season Volume Ready Picked Pick Your Own
Cherries Finished CherriesCherriesCherriesCherriesCherries 7.75/kg 7.75/kg

Craigies Corner

  • Craigie's Farm Shop and CafeCraigie's Farm Shop and Cafe Throwback Friday at Craigies! This day last year, Maisie gave birth to her first set of piglets for 2015! Hands up who's excited for piglet watch this year?
  • Craigie's Farm Shop and CafeCraigie's Farm Shop and Cafe Cake of the Week has arrived!! This week we have our delicious homemade Honey and Almond Cake! Just what you need to sweeten up your Thursday wouldn't you agree?
  • Craigie's Farm Shop and CafeCraigie's Farm Shop and Cafe Craigie's Farm Shop and Cafe
  • Craigie's Farm Shop and CafeCraigie's Farm Shop and Cafe Fantastic news at Craigie’s! As part of our ongoing renovation works, our play park and decking area is getting a bit of a makeover! We’ll be laying an all-weather surface in the playpark which will hopefully mean no more mud! And we’ll be re-fencing the area and replacing the decking with an extended patio area so that there will be more room to sit outside when the better weather finally arrives! Work will be starting this Thursday (4th Feb) which will see the area closed for a few weeks but this mean we’ll be able to get it all nice and ready for Spring! Keep your eyes peeled on our facebook page for updates!
  • Craigie's Farm Shop and CafeCraigie's Farm Shop and Cafe I Feel Like Chicken Tonight – with 25% off a whole chicken! Hands up then – how many people remember that jingle? It’s true, you just can’t beat a delicious roast chicken which is why we’re giving you 25% off during February on our whole Scottish Chicken supplied by the Buffalo Farm! Roast chicken is also the perfect money saver too as it can be cooked for dinner, the leftovers available for lunches! Get your weekend roast sorted and stop by our butchery counter on your next visit

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